Climate protection and sustainability are currently the driving forces in the construction industry and require not only tried and tested tools but also technical and structural innovations to master the tasks. We help architects, civil engineers and other specialists in the field of construction and plant engineering to adapt to the requirements and to keep fit and prepared for everyday work through further training.

The Öko-Zentrum NRW has been offering distance learning courses via the Internet for over 20 years and has since trained many thousands of participants to become experts in sustainable construction, building renovation, efficiency house planning or as building biologists. In addition to these comprehensive Internet distance learning courses, day seminars, workshops, conferences and online seminars are also available to keep up-to-date.

Online Seminars

In addition to internet-based distance learning courses, the Öko-Zentrum NRW offers individual online seminars. Participants can follow the seminar in a browser or on a smartphone or tablet. They follow a presentation and listen to the speaker's explanations. A chat window allows them to get involved and ask questions. There are only few technical requirements to participate in the online seminar.

We offer a comprehensive seminar programme with online seminars on various topics relating to energy-efficient and sustainable construction and renovation.


The Öko-Zentrum NRW offers various face-to-face events as one-day seminars at different locations with different dates, which can be credited through the dena list of experts.